Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Much to my fear that M would protest his costume or have a meltdown mid trick-or-treating, halloween went off without a hitch! I made his owl costume and earlier in the week when I tried it on him he started ripping the feathers off the sleeves. I figured he would last all of a few minutes in his costume and decided early on that I wouldn't freak out about it. He ran around all night without even noticing it on him. Good thing cause I might have to re-use it next year for his baby brother :)

We visited my mama then went to my in laws for their annual halloween pizza dinner and trick or treating around the neighborhood with M's cousins. By the time we ventured out it was dark so I left my camera at home, but M did great and it was the perfect chilly night.

Next year we'll have two boys in tow, and that just means more chocolate for this mama!

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  1. Great job on the costume! Your belly in the picture above is so cute.

    Stephanie from www.4Eighteen.com