Monday, July 18, 2011

sick fella and a sad mama

Yesterday was a tough day for my lil guy. First he somehow managed to get a splinter in his hand from his crib. I'm guessing it's from where the beaver chewed off part of the wood. So after we got that out of his hand (which was TERRIBLE) I noticed he wasn't acting like himself, and the kid just KEPT pooping. Every diaper was poop, and it was so much that he got a diaper rash which he has only had once before when we used pampers. Then came the fever, and the refusal to eat anything. So basically he had a splinter and stomach bug all in one day. The day was spent taking lots of naps, and watching lots of sprout. The only good thing about it was that this mama got LOTS of cuddles, which never happens. Today he is feeling better and the poopy diapers have stopped (crossing my fingers)

This is a picture from last week, he is obsessed with this cat at my mom's house and he kept giving it kisses! Be still my heart.

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