Friday, December 23, 2011

That was then, this is now

Just as I suspected, M was not too keen on the big fella this year. I had been hyping up santa to him for weeks, reading lots of books, putting a santa hat on and saying "hohoho" in a slightly creepy way but one which made him burst into hysterical bouts of laughter. He even started saying "whowhowho". I thought we might be okay.

Then I remembered that my kid can be painfully shy most of the time, and sitting in some stranger's lap? Well in the back of my mind I was prepared for a meltdown.

Thankfully there was no line and santa was a pretty okay guy. I liked him better than the one last year, who didn't so much as mutter a word (I know my kid can't talk, but really?) and who also looked high and/or drunk. M was all smiles when I stood up there holding him, but as soon as I placed him on santa's lap and walked away....full meltdown.

Does it make me a horrible parent that I keep looking at this photo and cracking up? This is the kind of photo you pull out years from now to embarrass them in front of their first girlfriend, am I right?

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