Thursday, December 29, 2011

a beautiful reminder

Being a full-time stay at home mama is hard. Some days are longer than others, and while I absolutely LOVE my job, it can get the best of me. After all, I'm only human. I recently stopped working at the salon (I had been working two days a week since M was born) so I'm at home full time now. I no longer get that "break" of going into work, chatting with my clients and co-workers, ya know...having adult conversation. Something I used to take advantage of.

Some days I find myself counting down the minutes until naptime, or bedtime. Just to get a moment to myself. Then I remember that M won't be this age forever, sooner than later he is going to grow older and I really need to savor these moments with him now. He will only be this age once, and I need to be in the here and now. I look around and already can't believe how a year and a half has gone by. The rest will follow in the same fashion, I'm guessing.

I found this poem that really hit home with me:

Savor these moments while baby is young
Stop wishing to call time your own
Time has a habit of racing away
And time will soon leave you all alone
Play hide and seek when he wants you to play
Put your old book on the shelf
Give him these moments that belong to his day
Love him that bit more than yourself
Take him up on your knee
And tell him some tales
of Pixies and bunnies at play
For when baby is older
And he thinks of his Mom
He'll surely remember this day
So savor these moments while baby is young
For baby will soon be a man
And these are the years when the best songs are sung
So sing them right now if you can

Kate Monahan
April 1989

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