Sunday, October 16, 2011

baby J's room: the beginning

I feel like I am majorly slacking in getting together the baby's room. I think we had M's room ready when I was around 4 months! It's hard because we are trying to move and so I don't want to get everything together and then just have to re-do it all in the new house, but time is tick tick ticking away and so we have decided to just go ahead with the nursery here. We are switching our bedroom to the front room and making the baby's room our old bedroom, which is already painted orange. I wanted to do gray walls for the little guy but am deciding to stick with the orange walls and do accents in gray and turquoise. Here are some photos I found for inspiration, and as soon as I get some progress in there I will share photos!

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  1. Room planning is so much fun! I found that my wallet didn't have as much money in it for my taste. Oh well, so fun! We are your newest followers from babycenter. Come on over to our blog and say hi, and follow along. We will be posting another giveaway soon and you'll need to be a follower to win. = ) Have a great day!