Friday, August 26, 2011

oh so quiet

I guess I've proven I'm pretty bad at keeping up with this blog on a regular basis. Our house is on the market (fingers crossed) so we've been showing it, and along with that comes the daunting task of cleaning it top to bottom. It's amazing at how quickly things pile up on the table, or food bits get wedged between the furniture (the fun of having a toddler). I've always been a little OCD about my house being clean and tidy, but being 17 weeks pregnant and having a 15 month old running around has shifted that a little, and at the end of the day I'm usually too exhausted to do anything. So that's where I'm at. This week has brought all sorts of crazy weather, on tuesday the whole east coast experienced an earthquake (I love that my kid slept right through that) and now we are preparing ourselves for hurricane Irene. Oh mother nature, you certainly seem pissed.

While reading through some blogs I came across this web series about Tim Follette, who is diagnosed with ALS. It's an incredible story about how this group of friends and community banded together and put on benefit and art shows to raise money for research and hopefully one day a cure. It's hauntingly beautiful, and sad, and gives you a little bit of hope. I'm only on episode 7 and so far my heart is aching and bursting all at once. His perspective on the whole shitty card he's been dealt is quite admirable. I never knew much about this disease before, so in creating this web series they are not only educating the world on this disease, but also getting his story out their in the universe. I think in this day of technology, and how ridiculous most of it is, it's amazing to be able to do something on this magnitude with it. Check it out here, you can scroll to the bottom to watch from episode 1.

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  1. You are so kind to post this link and I am happy that you blogged. I added you to my list a while ago and I woke and and so 30 seconds ago so I clicked. I have three young kids and cleaning never stops the trick is to just keep at it and take one room to clean top to bottom once a month. I mean real deep and then just clean the rest of the rooms the rest of the month. You are great :)